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Shop For Our Captivating Handmade Wooden Decorative Items Only!
Not only does uniqueness empower us, but also helps us to offer something unseen to the world we live in. Keeping uniqueness as a foundation of our product range, we, V G International, are bringing unique handmade products. We are involved in making products of unseen design and look to amaze customers in the industry. Its time for customers to leave buying mass-produced and me-too products. This is because such products are highly similar and thereby getting used by almost every person. When it comes to having one-of-kind decorative products, one should always rely on handmade pieces. Our range encompasses Wooden Rose Bunch, Wooden Coco Heart, Wooden Ribbon and more. 

If you are seeking uniqueness, our company can help by offering handmade decorative products. These products are perfect for home decoration and other similar decoration purposes. High-quality products, timely shipment and superior customer service are major factors that are inducing growth of our outlet in this market. We are bringing the most eye-pleasing range of handmade products to meet demands of the market as a manufacturer. 

Adding To Revival of Handmade Items

Our socially responsible company is making attempts to revive the art and craft of handmade products. Not only such handmade products are made from locally sourced materials in a sustainable manner but they also provide employment to people who are using their creative skills to earn livelihood. We are running our business with a responsibility towards people who live in this nation and therefore to provide them access to beautiful handmade items that can save them from splurging on boring machine-made goods. Our handmade products are made sensitively to the response of environment we are residing in. Our timeless, elegant and stylish home decoration products are winning hearts of numerous customers around the world. 

Why Us?

  • Our products such as Wooden Coco Heart, Wooden Rose Bunch and more are a great way to unique and elegant creativeness in your lives.
  • Our culture allows our team to speak their ideas and emerge as the best asset for business growth.
  • Our expertise helps to bring forth stunning handmade products at prices that are easy for customers to afford.
  • Our products are created in a responsible manner keeping emerging needs of customers into consideration. 
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